The Technology

The JouleBox® Power Station uses proven induction heating to generate highly pressurised steam using our patented Induction Heating technology, delivering a coefficient of performance of 10.

Developed by Nuclear Engineers alongside experts in thermodynamics and electric induction metallurgy and heating, the JouleBox® configuration takes advantage of Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction to optimise the Joule Heating Effect in the world’s most highly resistant alloys, resulting in water being turned to highly pressurised saturated steam that then drives standard, off-the-shelf steam turbines.

To better understand how the JouleBox® Power Station works, the below schematic shows the system in action.

  • Step 1: Convert the input current from 50/60Hz to a high frequency of upto 3000 Hz to amplify EM intensity of current.
  • Step 2: This current is passed through a coil with water tubes and highly resistant alloys sandwiched between it, housed within a sealed pressure vessel.
  • Step 3: The EM field of the coil interacts with the highly resistant alloys, creates high levels of resistance, resulting in the Joule Heating Effect
  • Step 4: Distilled water passes through the super hot tubes, turning into 600F steam at 13 atmospheric pressures. This steam then exits the pressure vessel, moving through a standard off the shelf steam turbine genset.
  • Step 5: 90% of the electricity generated by the turbine is fed into the grid, and 10% is retained for powering the JouleBox®.
  • Step 6: The steam exiting the turbine is retained, passing through a heat exchanger and a distillation chamber to create super hot water.
  • Step 7: The super hot water re-enters the pressure vessel at 450-500F, meaning it requires minimal energy input to get it back to 600F steam, thus enabling further efficiencies to be realised.
  • Step 8: There is minimal water loss in this closed loop system that is automatically refilled from water storage in the unit, and our ECO-GEN local engineers are onsite to ensure constant output power.
  • Step 9: These units are then housed within SCIP buildings to ensure reliability.

Zero Risk Plug & Play

The JouleBox® is available in 2MW and 6MW unit sizes.

These units can then be run in parallel to create utility scale output power, and smaller units can be sited next to the end user application to ensure minimal transmission losses.

Scaleable from 2MW to 2GW, under a long-term PPA, EcoGen will handle every step of the process: Financing, Manufacture, Certification, Delivery, Installation and Management/ Maintenance for the entire length of the term.

Upon completion of term, the power stations are gifted to the client where they will provide virtually costless power for a further 10-20 years.