The Benefits

There are a multitude of issues and barriers when producing electricity, especially in the areas of transmission, grid inertia and storage. The JouleBox solves them all.


  • Proven Technology - 80% of all power generation uses steam gensets. So do we. Most steam is generated by dirty coal, dirty natural gas or dangerous nuclear power. We partnered with the inventor of industrial Induction Heating, Inductotherm, that has provided clean heating to the metal industry to melt precious metals, steel and exotic high temperature metals for the last 70 years. Heating water with induction heating is simple, proven, clean and much safer than any other technology. Our nuclear trained engineers simply converted the heat from induction heating in a pressure vessel (the “kettle”), to produce saturated steam that turns an off-the-shelf synchronous AC generator. We use steam turbine gensets from Siemens, GE, ABB, Toshiba and others. All together – Proven Technology!
  • Clean & Green - Our 100% renewable technology doesn’t require peaker plants, battery arrays, or tons of scarce metals for every 1MW of power supplied, let alone the dirty fuels that pollute our world and create toxic waste. They also have virtually zero impact on local habitats and wildlife.
  • Energy Independence - We provide an energy source that is completely self-sufficient. There is no need for particular climatic conditions, highly developed grid infrastructure, nor fuel sources that create energy dependence issues. Everyone has equal and equitable access to the earth’s geomagnetic field and we can help you harness it.
  • Minimal Land - The compactness of our units compares very favorably with other renewables, and the constancy of output means you don’t need to build in extra installed capacity, nor find additional space for storage. Solar panels require a large surface area and 4-6 times the stated capacity are needed to achieve the same kWh of the JouleBox, simply because of night-time, rainy/cloudy days and the inefficiencies of solar rays hitting the panels from different angles as the sun rises and falls. Wind needs 3-4 times the required output due to variability in wind flows, and also requires massive amounts of turbine spacing, otherwise the turbines disrupt each other's air flows.
      JouleBox® Solar Wind
    2MW 0.03 40-80 120-210
    150MW 1.5 3000-6000 9000-15000

    *number of acres

  • Baseload Power - Unlike most renewables, our groundbreaking technology provides a constant 24/7 source of output power, liberating users from all the typical challenges of intermittent power such as grid stability, and storage issues, as well as saving you from having to build in multiples of excess capacity
  • Location Independence - You can harness the electromagnetic spectrum anywhere you like. This means that you can have a super efficient distributed generation network of power that doesn't rely on grid access to deliver power. This not only saves the grid from capacity issues, it means that transmission losses can be completely minimized, with a Power Factor of 99%. It also means that your use case can receive a super clean signal, leading to greater longevity of the equipment (THD < 5%).
  • Cost Effective - We offer 30 year PPAs @ extremely competitive kWh rates. Our goal is to significantly reduce your annual energy bill. Not only that, but at the end of term we will gift you the technology, so that you can generate your energy for free for the following 10-20 years, with only modest O&M costs to pay.
  • Zero Capital Requirement – You only pay for electricity you receive. The only resources required are minimal land and interconnection/metering costs.
  • Risk Free - Manufacturing Warranty and Performance Guarantee with Insurance Wrap by Lloyd’s of London or A+ Rated Insurer.
  • Super Scaleable - The JouleBox® only requires 0.1% of the land that wind and solar do, and there are no impacts on weather cycles or local ecosystems as you scale up, meaning it can replace all known electricity sources, without limitation.


  • Zero Degradation - most renewables lose 1-2% in output per year. This adds up over the lifetime of the installation.
  • Portable - if you decide you wish to repurpose the land, no problem. We can re-install elsewhere with ease.
  • Robust - The JouleBox® can withstand; Category 5 hurricanes, earthquakes up to 9.4, electromagnetic pulses and lightning, offering reliable power no matter what the circumstances. Additionally, the JouleBox® is not affected by extreme heat or cold because everything is housed inside a climate controlled, weatherproof SCIP building.
  • Simple - No fuel required to be used, stored or burned.
  • Low Maintenance - Each unit only needs to be serviced 1 week every 2-3 years, and the output can be increased by 25% in parallel units to compensate, meaning there never needs to be any downtime.
  • Rapid Installation - It takes one-third of the time to install the JouleBox® solution versus Wind, Solar, and none of the planning dramas that are associated with the majority of power sources. It’s a quick decision, and an even quicker implementation.
  • Peace of Mind - Manufactured, Operated, Maintained and Monitored by Eco-Gen