About Us

ECO-GEN is dedicated to empowering the world with energy independence using the most advanced, proven technologies that protect the environment and save you money at the same time.

Our dedicated team is doing everything we can to minimize energy costs, and the challenges of transition. We are committed to providing a level playing ground for every nation, so that energy can be used for the greater welfare of the global community, rather than as an economic weapon of dominance.

Up until now, energy projects have tended to create an uncomfortable tradeoff. Fossil fuels and nuclear are massively polluting (and increasingly so). Wind and solar tend to be eyesores that often create huge resistance within local communities, and hydro causes major ecological damage. The beauty of the JouleBox® is that you no longer need to feel conflicted about the energy choices you make, or the amount of energy you use.

That said, this doesn’t have to be about us versus wind or solar. We can be the perfect complement to them for the 75% of the day when they do not generate much high value power.

ECO-GEN would also like to empower the world in other ways, and has a global commitment to give back locally. Ten percent (10%) of all profits that are generated by each installation are donated to local charities to provide schools, hospitals and environmentally beneficial improvements to the local communities.