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Local and Federal assistance to help save our planet!

Utility Company Rebates

Local Utility companies provide rebates based on the amount of clean energy your system is able to produce. Once we begin the first phase of the system installation, we will submit all of the required documents to your utility company. Within 60 days, you will receive a check from them that is yours to do with as you please. Our recommendation is that you use it to pay the monthly cost of your system which will provide immediate savings however the choice is yours.

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC, also known as Solar REC/SREC) are traded in some state markets. One REC equals 1000 kWh annually. The HybridGenerator™ generates:

  • 10 kW – 87,600 kWh; Annually 87.6 RECs  NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME
  • 20 kW – 175,200 kWh; Annually 175.2RECs  NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME
  • 60 kW – 525,600 kWh; Annually 525.6 RECs

Prices range from $5.99 per REC to $420.00 per REC.

Go to to see historical prices.

Federal Government Assistance

The 30% federal tax credit is called the “Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit” and was established by the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005.

This credit was initially capped at $2,000 for solar energy systems, but was expanded by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to be an uncapped rebate for 30% of the cost of a renewable energy system (both photovoltaic and solar thermal are eligible, along with small wind and geothermal heat pumps).

Rebates and Tax Credits

The 30% includes all labor and equipment costs for the renewable energy system. The credit can also be carried forward to future tax years if you cannot take the full credit in the year the system was installed.