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  • JB-60.     This is our 60 kW JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator system that produces + 525,600 annual kWh of electricity.  The JB-60 is usually installed with 3 solar panels.  This unit is usually installed for commercial facilities.

Any units can be connected together in a “string” to generate more power.  As an example, 10 of the JB-60 units would produce + 5,256,000 annual kWh if connected at the same location.

Our JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator annual production is estimated by multiplying the size 60 times 24  hours per day, times 365 days per year to get annual kWh.  Example: 60 X  24  X 365 = 525,600 at the rated 80% power factor.  Maximum output is 657,000 kWh annually @ 100% PF.  When you compare the Hybrid Solar Generator to solar only systems that produce energy only 5-6 average hours per day, it is clear to see the Hybrid Solar Generator is the superior choice.