There is a global shortage of affordable green energy. China is building 250 MW coal plants every month that is inflicting tremendous damage to the environment. Japan has shut down all nuclear power plants after the earthquake and tsunami. India suffers blackouts daily. The developing world in South America, Africa and Asia needs energy to expand and grow their economies. Current fossil fuel and nuclear energy comes at too high of a cost, both financially and ecologically.

The ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Station solves the world’s energy needs with clear green energy!  Solar Panels are not needed for export products.  Enough batteries are included to get the units started.  Solar panels are only added if there is a need to qualify for government incentives or rebates.

We can make any property energy independent. We can cluster multiple units to create mini-grids. We can produce Distributed Generation that does not place stress on the existing grid and saves transportation costs.

The ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Station can be configured in any Voltage/Hz that is needed to interconnect with the local grid.

The ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Station has been carefully designed to fit 7 JouleBoxes in a shipping container.  These are designed to be permanently installed in the shipping containers which can be double stacked.


A 40’ sea container will fit the following:

  • 60 kW units / Hi-Cube Container (only) / 7 Units


A 20’ sea container will fit the following:

  • 60 kW units / Hi-Cube Container (only) / 3 Units